Shipping Policy

Table of Contents

Hanaspeak currently only applies to shipping in Vietnam.

1. Shipping methods

  • For orders within Hanoi city, Hanaspeak can deliver within the same day if requested by customers.
  • For customers outside of Hanoi, Hanaspeak will deliver goods by express delivery through courier service Viettel Post. This form of delivery not only ensures the goods arrive at the right address and time, but also shows professionalism in the process of transporting goods.

2. Freight

  • Customers pay by bank transfer the full value of goods in advance.
  • Free shipping for orders of at least 1 million VND or with teaching services.
  • In case customers require urgent delivery, the company will use fast GrabExpress service (applicable only in Hanoi city) or Airline delivery at Viettel Post (applicable nationwide) for fastest delivery. Customers bear the courier cost according to the shipping unit.
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