Payment policy

Table of Contents

1. Direct payment

This form of payment is applied to customers who buy/receive products at the Company’s contact address. Customers can pay directly in cash to receive Hanaspeak’s Account Card.

Company Contacts (Click here for directions on Google Map):

17th floor, IDMC Building, 18 Ton That Thuyet Street, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

2. Payment via bank

Customers can make payment via bank in 2 forms: Payment via ATM and bank transfer.

2.1. Payment via ATM

Customers can make payment at Techcombank’s ATM system, or at the points of sale according to the account information below.

2.2. Bank transfer

In addition to ATM payment, customers can pay directly at Techcombank’s transaction offices by transferring money according to the account information below.

2.3. Payment account information

After receiving the transaction notice from the bank, we will update the status of your order on our website or notify via email, and our staff will deliver the goods as soon as possible.


  •  Please keep the invoice or receipt for comparison when necessary and in case of errors during the payment process.
  •  Errors during the transfer process or transfer of wrong information must be worked with the bank to be properly handled.
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