Elementary - Vietnamese V2

At V2 level of Vietnamese you can understand:

  • Very basic personal, family and job-related language.
  • Enough to meet the needs with slow, clear speech.
  • Short, simple texts on familiar matter.

What you can do with level V2 Vietnamese

A V2 level of Vietnamese is sufficient for tourism in Vietnam and socializing with Vietnamese speakers, although to develop deeper friendships an V2 level is not adequate. An V2 level of Vietnamese also allows for networking with Vietnamese-speaking colleagues, but working in Vietnamese is limited to very familiar topics at the V2 level. An V2 level of Vietnamese is not sufficient for academic study or for consuming most Vietnamese-language media (TV, movies, radio, magazines, etc.).

Detailed Vietnamese skills of V2 level

In order to assess the Vietnamese language proficiency of students as well as students' self-assessment, the necessary skills of Vietnamese level V2 include:

Although progress will depend on the type of course and the individual student, students can expect to reach the V2 level in Vietnamese with 200 hours of cumulative instruction.