Voices from the happiest country in Asia

Real happiness is based on the criterion of ensuring the essential needs of the people, and the basic services of life such as health and education are practically met. Real happiness is a people who all want to live a useful life and feel their life has meaning. Whether a person is happy or not starts from such simple things. Are you curious about the happiest country in the world? Or the happiest country on the continent, where you live?

You may not know, Vietnam has just been announced as the happiest country in Asia, and fifth in the world. Have you ever been curious about this small country? If you want to understand Vietnam, learning the Vietnamese language is the first important thing.

Many people say that Vietnamese is difficult to learn or pronounce. But everything will be easy if you choose the right place to study, study the right method. And Hanaspeak is the best choice to learn Vietnamese for beginners. Hanaspeak is an education company in Vietnam that provides Vietnamese teaching services for international learners. The teaching staff includes linguistic professors, master’s graduates, and other experienced teachers. Hanaspeak provides the easiest way to learn Vietnamese. Besides teaching in traditional ways, we also created an online self-learning software.



Coming to Hanaspeak, you will experience a free Vietnamese course with:

  • A personalized study plan
  • A flexible timetable
  • A self study Vietnamese software
  • A wide range of professional teaching experts
  • Accredited certification

We believe that, with the method of learning Vietnamese like Vietnamese, you will learn easier and master it. We hope we will contribute a small part to help you study Vietnamese faster, and understand more about the happiest country in Asia soon. Let’s try this free course now!

According to: Baoquocte

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