Vietnamese women are attractive in the eyes of foreigners

What is makes Vietnamese women are attractive in the eyes of foreigners? What distinctive features of Vietnamese women create a special charm?

Confident and natural

The common point of many foreigners when asked about the attractiveness of a Vietnamese girl is the naturalness. Both in spirit and appearance.

Chick Magnet, a 35-year-old Australian citizen who has lived in Vietnam for the past two years, insists that he defines beauty as in personality. “If chosen, I would marry Vietnamese women. They are prettier and friendlier than most other people in Southeast Asia. They don’t have plastic surgery, they don’t cheat tourists or people. abroad as elsewhere”.


Westerners are very fond of women with healthy, brown skin. That is what makes the difference between Vietnamese and Asian women in general compared to Western women.

What is the key point that makes Vietnamese women are attractive? According to some foreigners with Vietnamese wives, lies in “industry – appearance – speech – behavior”. Westerners are “very respectful” of the fact that almost all Vietnamese women are good at cooking and keep their own “line”.

What should you do to learn about Vietnamese women?

To quickly learn and approach Vietnamese women, the first thing you need to do is learn Vietnamese. Language is something for you to communicate, express your feelings, opinions. You can’t force a Vietnamese girl to speak English or your mother tongue when flirting with her, can you? Do not worry. We are here to give you the solution.

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