The best food Gordon Ramsay has ever eaten!

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If you are a foodie or a fan of the show “Master Chef”, then you probably know the talented chef – Gordon Ramsay. And were you curious about the best food Gordon Ramsay has eaten? That is the dish “Hu Tieu”. Where did this dish come from that made Gordon Ramsay said: “This is the greatest dish I’ve ever eaten “. Surely you are very curious about the origin of this dish. Don’t be surprised! “Hu Tieu” comes from a small country – Vietnam. Yes, you did not hear wrong. It actually comes from Vietnam.

Vietnam is known not only for its heroic history but also for its culinary culture. Perhaps you think, a country with an area of ​​only 331,212 km² is not interesting, you are wrong. Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse and unique, especially with the characteristics of each region. You must have heard of “Pho” or “Banh mi”. Exactly! Those are all Vietnamese dishes.

The cuisine is a quintessence of the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people. It is no coincidence that Vietnamese cuisine is considered a cultural quintessence, praised and appreciated by friends around the world. That is because Vietnamese cuisine is rich in ingredients, delicate in processing, and especially each region has different eating habits to create its own distinctive flavors, enjoy once and then enjoy. Remember forever. Like the best food Gordon Ramsay has eaten.

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