5 reasons to make Vietnam is a worthwhile place

Vietnam – one of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world – is the top destination in the travel handbook of many travelers around the world. Not only possessing a beautiful and majestic natural landscape, a magnanimous historical tradition, historical sites, temples, great delicacies. But Vietnam is also very beautiful from many angles and different perspectives. The smallest, most simple things in life. Here are 5 reasons why Vietnam is a worthwhile place.

Vietnam is a cheap travel destination

Vietnam is famous for being a beautiful country with stable politics and a much cheaper cost of living and tourism compared to other countries in the world. Therefore, this place is really an ideal destination for travelers with a limited budget. With a small amount of money, in Vietnam, you can use a system of comfortable and luxurious dining, sleeping and accommodation services, especially the prices of the dishes are very cheap and varied. Even if you travel to big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or Da Nang, Vung Tau…The cost for a day is only about 15 to 30 dollars.

Beautiful natural scenery

Referring to Vietnam, people refer to the world’s natural wonders of the majestic Ha Long Bay, the golden terraced fields in Sapa, the colorful flower gardens in Da Lat, the windy West Lake, the Spectacular caves, rocky mountains with all sorts of strange shapes, or clear blue water beaches with endless fine white sands…

Vietnam has a diverse cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is not only diverse in daily meals but also famous for its variety of street foods. In addition to the main dishes used in the meal, there are famous dishes such as vermicelli, pho, cakes, fruits, drinks, etc. A special thing is a dish, but different regions of Vietnam have different tastes… At any time of the day, and anywhere, you can also find these dishes. eat delicious – nutritious – cheap food to satisfy your hunger, and at the same time enjoy and experience the daily culinary life in Vietnam.

Vietnamese people are beautiful and friendly

One thing that cannot be denied and has been recognized by many international tourists is that Vietnamese girls are very beautiful. The first time you come to Vietnam, you may be surprised to see small Vietnamese girls wearing long dresses, loose black hair, and very sweet voices. Besides, Vietnamese people are very generous with tourists, enthusiastically helping foreigners, visitors can have friendly conversations with locals…

Unique cultural festivals

As a country with a long tradition of cultural history, Vietnam has many festivals taking place throughout the year. In which, the Lunar New Year is the most important holiday. The time when family members gather together, express their affection for grandparents, parents, ancestors. In addition, there are special festivals to celebrate the great anniversaries of the country such as Fireworks Festival, Parade…

Are these reasons enough to convince you that Vietnam is a worthwhile place? What are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and explore Vietnam.

According to: Nguoiduatin

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